Editsu 1.1 Beta

Editsu is a text editing utility customized for fanfic authors. Its tools automate many of the common tasks that authors have to perform manually, such as:
  • Hard Wordwrapping - Automatically limits the maximum length of each line in your story to a custom value, and can also replace tabs with a custom character length. There are certain unwritten rules of etiquette to follow when publically addressing an electronic audience. First, since fanfic authors want to reach as many readers as possible, publications are offered in a plaintext format. Second, given the differences between the variety of text editors and operating systems used on the Internet, offering both a version with "hard-coded" wordwrapping and a version without any wordwrapping is an important courtesy. Those of us who have spent hours manually entering carriage returns throughout our stories really appreciate this feature. =)
  • Statistics - Displays a useful list of tallied items, including all characters (like CRs and LFs), visible characters, words, wrapped lines, and actual lines. Gone are the days of pasting entire fics into other applications just to get this simple (yet often necessary) information!
  • Drag & Drop - Thanks to the use of [RichEdit 2.0], on-the-fly cutting and pasting (dragging and dropping text) is now possible in a plaintext editor. You can also drop files or text from other applications into Editsu to open them quickly.
  • No File Size Limit - Many simple text editors (e.g. Notepad before Windows 2000) have an irritating filesize limit. Well, Editsu does not, and authors may now write their epics in peace (i.e. without being pestered to use Wordpad while trying to focus on the story).
  • Free - Editsu 1.1 Beta is freeware! You don't have to pay to read fanfics, and you don't have to pay for a fanfic editor.
For more details, and to download the program, visit the [author's website]. For comments and feedback, you can contact the [author] directly. Ph34r his m4d c0di|\|g sk33lz!

Quandry - 04.19.01