03.04.13 - 16:13

Wow, has it been 10 years. Talk about an abandoned website. Anyhow, this is being moved to a new host. There will probably be even more broken links than normal while I sift through and decide what needs to be up and what doesn't. I also need to update all of the fanfic files with a more current email address. I haven't done that yet because, when I reread them, I wince at my poor writing skills. It's true that the harshest critic is yourself. If anyone needs to get ahold of me, it's gbeans at the g mail.

07.31.03 - 08:48

I worked on the links page (taking out dead links, adding some new ones, and alphabetizing it). Also updated the contacts and FAQ pages. If anyone knows of a way to beat WinXP Pro into working with a Shark Port, please drop me an email.

07.12.03 - 00:50

I'm sure I'll have more to say when I'm not tired, but here are the last 2 parts of Sowing and the final Omake Theatre. Yep, the series is over. Yay. Does that mean I'm done writing? Heck no, but I'm taking a break (even though I may seem like I've already been doing that :P )

01.16.03 - 21:54

I've pulled my head out of Animal Crossing long enough to bash my head up against my writer's block. I present the next part of Sowing the SeeDs. I was really hoping that this would be the final part, but I've decided to break it up into two parts because it was getting too blasted long. (Ha, that describes the series well, eh? ^^; )

To the old school FF peeps, you'll notice the props to Mimes and the Mage Masher. I've had fun trying to find sly ways to incorporate older Final Fantasy concepts that didn't make it into the canonically FFVIII universe. Why aren't they doing a FFVI-2 darn it! Viva CelesxLocke ;)

12.07.02 - 01:43

Ah, don't mind me, I'm just updating the save files page. It's stunning (in more than one way) that this page gets most of its hits because of the Dex Drive and Shark Port saves. Ha, I put them online as a sort of 'back up' for myself in case my computer crashes (which it does from time to time). If others are getting some use out of 'em, that's good too I s'pose. (Though more people need to read the fanfic, yeah! :D )

The last chapter of SeeDfic is long enough that it really can be split into two chapters. I'm considering if I want to do that or not (and if it would ruin the flow of the story if I did).

09.15.02 - 00:29

Posted a review to Eternal Eyes and the save files :) Still working on the SeeDfic! This last part's going to be a long one @.@

09.01.02 - 18:00

I posted a review of Kessen and a save file from it in the Reviews section.

08.29.02 - 23:23

In an effort to actually offer *useful* information on this website (more than just fic ;) I've posted a Regions of the World guide on the main page. It summarizes what the different areas are, a bit of history, what game areas are there, and then gives the same set of information within the context of Sowing the SeeDs. I also scanned in maps and flags for the regions (if they were available).

Just a story update, I've passed the 100k mark on the last chapter. That, in theory, should mean that I'm getting close to having it done (though I only sort of am). I really want to get this last part right, so I'm taking my time and letting Chaos have at it. The results are looking good so far :)

08.06.02 - 21:18

I worked on the FFX write up some more and added a review of Dynasty Warriors 3.

08.05.02 - 20:03

I posted a review of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on the reviews page.

08.01.02 - 20:43

After a long time of wanting to do this, I've finally started a Shark Port 2 saves archive page. I'll be adding more save files as I steal the ones from my friends ;) ("Oh, Quandry, I haven't taken everything off your memory card yet~~"). I also updated the links list.